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Calorie Monitor Pro

Pic Tagger

Prescription Manager


Mileage Manager

Easy to use multi-reminder

You need a flexible medicine schedule for you to enjoy those extra minutes of sleep

The scheduling process is very easy and intuitive and accepts up to 24 alarms / medicine / day.

Schedule each medicine independently, but receive a single alarm grouping all medicines scheduled for the hour.

Multi-day intervals accepted (1 to 30 days) - so you can schedule weekly or monthly intakes (like anti-ostheoporosis medication).

You can export a list with your registered treatments in a MS Excel format (in case you may need to mail it to a doctor).

You can forward by SMS the scheduled treatment, in case it concerns another person (let's say, your child is at school and you want to remind him or her of the treatment).

Calorie and weight manager

Get a grip on your calorie consumption

Evaluate your weight and set yourself a weight target.

Use a database with 7250+ foods to monitor your intakes: calories, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients (65 nutrients).

Control your calorie intake by following a daily calorie budget specially tailored for you - based on your age, height, weight, sex, activity level and the weight objective you set for yourself.

Use weight charts to see how your weight evolves in relation to your net calorie intake.

See how your nutrient consumption compares to the Daily Reference Values / Reference Daily Intakes.

Special Features:

  • Multi-system - support both metric and US systems of measurement. You may switch between them at any time
  • Multi-User - you can monitor other persons, too - if the members of your family need it
  • Back up / Restore - it is very easy to back up, restore or transfer your Calorie Monitor Pro data to other Android, BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry PlayBook device

Available for Android, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook

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